A US manufacturing company offers complete line of marking and identification, chalk, cutting, layout, safety, and other non-powered hand tool products designed for use in the industrial, construction , safety markets. 

C.H. Hanson


Permaquip design and manufacture innovative rail maintenance equipment.  


Established in 1908 - The British Tool and Engineering Company manufacturer of Torque Wrenches. 


Fisco is UK's leading measuring tape manufacturer since 1939. 

Virax manufactures of pipe and plumbing tools

Swarfega is a brand of heavy-duty hand cleaner made by Deb Limited, a British company and it is used in engineering, construction and other manual trades. 

The JCS Group has been developing and manufacturing stainless steel hose clips for over fifty years. 

JCS Hi-Torque

Brands we represent 

We would like to introduce ourselves as an international Middle East trading company with associate offices who are able to procure and despatch from USA, UK, Germany and other parts of Europe, Far East and GCC countries. We specialise in plumbing, threading equipment, personal protective equipment (PPE), hand cleaners, degreasers, hand and sanitising cleaning solutions for hospitals, hotels and offices. Hand and cutting tools, hand measuring and long surveyors tapes; a range of stainless steel hose and pipe clips as well as stainless steel banding.

Our sales team consists of well-trained engineers and sales staff  capable of providing technical support in general matters and related crisis. In addition, engineering consultancy in specific subjects can be made available in co-ordination with our principles. 

With more than 20 years experience in the field of all kinds of bearing for automotive, manufacturing, oil and gas industries.

About Our Company

Concut manufacturers drill bits made in the UK. 


Full range of twist drills, reamers, milling cutters, taps & dies in HSS suitable for hand and CNC machining 


Eibenstock has a long tradition in development and the manufacturing of power tools for the industrial and trade sector. 

Keel Cutters - machines that automatically cut steel, cast iron, ductile iron, plastic and other types of pipes up to 1500mm diameter .  

Keel Cutter

Since 1985, PMS Industrie has been using its know-how to create textile and steel products for lifting and lashing. 






A USA battery manufacturer since 1909 and has become a worldwide leader in high-performance lighting products. They are creators of the world's first safety-approved flashlight. 

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Portable Magnetic Drilling Machines